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Venus Factor System

Do you want to lose weight? Have you tried every kind of diet you read online, but still you ended up frustrated with the results? Do you want to know a scientific, well-researched and popular weight loss program that everyone - even your neighbor might be trying right now?

Have you heard the buzz about the Venus Factor System by John Barban? If not, you are missing a lot!

John Barban a certified weight loss expert with world class certifications has recently introduced a breakthrough in weight loss program.  The program is based on extensive scientific research study on how to burn your fats quick without starving yourself to death!

The program is focused on how to speed up your metabolism and literally lose weight.  In fact, you can drop off your supersize dresses and wear your red spaghetti strap body fit dress you are aiming for years! One more thing - the program does not have any false promises.

Everyone is going crazy with this program because it is just so effective that a lot of over nourished women or in short obese (ouch!) have been trying it now.

What Makes Venus Factor System Unique with other Weight Loss Program?

Venus Factor System had made the weight loss industry into a full haul because of its unusual weight loss tips that you don't usually found in other weight loss program.  In fact, it even allows you to do things that are banned in other program.  So, what makes the program different?

1.      Healthy Foods Debunked

In this program, you will learn the list of healthy foods that were once taught to help women lose weight, but studies show that it does the opposite!

2.      Uniqueness Overload

If you try this program, you will see that the features are completely different from other workouts you tried before.  The program is entirely new and nobody has did this before!

3.      No diet pills, no cardio workout, or pre-packaged diets

This program is not about taking in diet pills, or doing hard core cardio work outs, that literally traumatized you to go back to the gym! It's not all about taking pre-packaged diets that usually deprived your sense of pleasure!

This program offers a completely different approach to weight loss that will surely blow you off!

The Secret to Weight Loss

John Barban has been doing his extensive research for years on effective weight loss, when he comes across with a ground-breaking research that will help women burn their unwanted fats.

 It all started with his desire to help her sister, Lisa who had gain 200 lbs after giving birth. He saw how his sister suffers from health issues because of her weight.  She even endures the psychological effects of obesity. He saw how Lisa struggle with her weight issues that she even reach to the point where she doesn't want to even enter restaurants!

To make it worst, the genetic issue runs in their family.  His niece - Paige, have similar weight loss issues as well.  You know that high cholesterol levels are genetically acquired.  This explains why you see more of obese in a family lineage.

After trying the weight loss program, both are now transformed women. They are more confident, beautiful as ever, proud of their new found self and what most important - They are energized and happy about themselves.

The Science Behind Women Weight Loss

Scientist discovered that there is one master hormone that is responsible for controlling and regulating the ability of your body to burn those unwanted fats and this hormone is called leptin.

If you have high levels of leptin, you have increase metabolism so you can burn fats quickly.  If you have low leptin levels, you have lower metabolism so it signals your body to store fats.

Moreover, researchers found out that women has twice amount of leptin in their body as compared with men.  This may sound good news to you, but current research shows that there are two main reasons why women cannot activate their leptin levels:

1.      Women are thrice to be less responsive in leptin compared with men.  John called this as leptin resistance.  This means that despite having more capability to burn the fats, they just can't activate this master hormone.

2.      Did you know that when you diet, your leptin levels drop to twice its level? If your leptin drops, your metabolism drops as well! This explains why Venus Factor System contradicts what you usually believe in about weight loss!

John explained that when women failed their diet regimen, the tendency is to gain more weight.  This is because their leptin levels drop significantly affecting the proper metabolism of the body. And so the saga to weight loss failure continues...

Why Women are not successful in Losing Weight?

 In the Venus Factor System, John shared that there are lot of factors why women are out of focused in losing weight.

When a woman get pregnant, her body is focused more on storing fats so it can provide a nurturing environment for the developing baby. Your body is more concerned of storing all the possible fats that provides warmth and energy for the baby. 

After giving birth, leptin levels become worst, so it loses its ability to burn fats. Woman who gets pregnant knows how painful it is to lose weight after giving birth. As you know, even if you try to lose weight after pregnancy, dieting will not help to increase your leptin levels and so the weight issues continue.


How to Override your Metabolism?

Good thing, there is something that you can do to solve this dilemma. John has found a solution on how you can maintain a sexy waistline and wear your favorite skinny jeans!

There is still hope that you can have a sexy tummy even after childbirth!

The solution - Try the Venus Factor System Program Now!

John Barban has discovered effective, powerful and proven strategies that can help you to unlock your fat burning potential!

These strategies had helped his sister Lisa and countless transformed women who have tried this program.

What is Venus Factor?

Venus Factor is an effective and powerful weight loss program that helps you burn all your unwanted fats quickly.  It is packed with metabolic override strategies that helps activate the master hormone - leptin which helps increase your metabolism and burns your stored fats.

It helps bring out the sexiness in you, without starving you to death, or doing hard core workouts that drives you crazy! You don't even have to worry about weight rebound or gaining more weight!

This weight loss programs guarantees an enjoyable and fun way to lose weight.

Is there any restriction in Using the Program?

The great news is - Venus Factor Program doesn't have any restrictions. You can successfully gain the benefit of the program even if you have:

1.      Genetic Problem in Burning Fats

2.      Thyroid Issues

3.      Super Slow Metabolism

Benefits of Using Venus Factor Program

If you perfect the strategies of Venus Factor Program you will experience the opposite of your weight loss issues. 

1.      Less craving for foods

2.      Faster Metabolism

3.      Firmer tummy, buttocks, hips, thighs, and legs

4.      General fat loss

5.      Gain more energy

Surprisingly, Venus Factor System allows you to break away with the old weight loss system.  It helps you to gain more energy that you need for the day, without eating that much!  You will also lose weight faster so you can enjoy the body that you taught you will have in dreams!

Easy and Step-by-Step Fat Burning Strategy - With Virtual Nutritionist

The amazing thing about this program is that it offers a friendly and easy way to lose fats effectively.  In this program, you will have a Virtual Nutritionist that will guide you every step of the way.

Here's how a Virtual Nutritionist look like:


Venus Factor Preview - A quick look inside:

Factor consists of an 80 page-manual with direct to the point weight loss strategy that you can easily follow. It presents a scientific approach in losing weight and explains all about the calories, macronutrients, metabolism of men and women and much other helpful stuff. The manual has a 12-week MOP (metabolic override program) that strategically guides you to lose weight.

Here is the screenshot of the table of contents so you would have an overview on how the program goes.

Powerful Work out System For 12 Weeks!

The Venus Factor System provides you with a 12 week workout system that is proven effective to lose weight if you do it regularly.

The exercise plan is schedule for three times a week for 12 consecutive weeks. You will be provided with a chart so you would know how many sets to do in a week. No worries, you will also be given instructions for your rest period.

You can watch the exercise video to guide you with the right step. Once you finished, you can read the manual for added tips on how to lose weight.

To give you a preview, here is the first work out:

Meet the Venus Community

The Venus Community is a great opportunity for you to meet like-minded women who are on their journey to Venus Factor System program. You can meet different women who are either on the starting level of the program or women who have tried the program and have some success story to share.

Whatever their level is, it is a best way to share and connect with people who understands what you are going through.  It is best to be with people who knows your journey and who can also share some valuable insights.

The community is an exclusive membership offered to Venus Factor System members. When you join, you can share your thoughts and experiences as well as ask questions about the program.  It is a great avenue for you to learn more about the program.

Venus Guide

Every Venus member is given opportunities to share their success stories. You can help inspire fellow women who are having weight loss struggles and encourage them to keep up with the journey.

Yearly, a transformation contest is held where women who have the most inspiring stories are interviewed so they can inspire more. You can learn from their transformation stories and take note of their struggles and how they were able to overcome the challenges.  They are also asked to give advice so they can inspire other women who are starting to adapt in the program.

Being a Venus Factor Member will give you tons of unimaginable benefits.   You will not only get an amazing and hassle-free weight loss program, you will also gain friends from the community who shares the same experience and viewpoint with you.

Venus Factor System gives you a great weight loss experience that helps you get back into shape! Try it now and be transformed into a new you!

Is Venus Factor System for you?

Venus Factor System guarantees a lifelong strategy to increase your metabolism and maintain a healthy and fit body.  It offers a permanent solution for effective weight loss.  The program offers powerful and proven strategies. No blah-blah and no gimmicks!

The program is straight to the point. It helps you to have the bikini body that you're dreaming of.

The Venus Factor System is not for women who want to lose weight in just a week.  This program is for women who have the discipline in following the strategies for a lifelong weight loss. If you want to have a permanent answer for weight loss, then this program is for you!

Venus Factor Trial Offer

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You can live a vibrant, joyful, healthy and energetic life.   You don't have to burden yourself with those unwanted fats that have been there for years!  The choice is yours!

To help you decide, John Barban is offering a 7-day trial for Venus Factor System!

Get this amazing program for only $9.95 and you can enjoy the entire Venus Factor Program with a 7 day bonus content.

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If you think that the program isn't for you, you can cancel the plan and your money will be return to you.  This trial offer has a 60 days money back guarantee so you have nothing to lose!